Advocacy Notes

July 1st, 2010 by Alicia Calzada and tagged , , , , ,

iPhone Lawsuit

Even though the iPhone 4 has just barely been released, there is already a lawsuit related to the device. A class action suit has been filed in Maryland over issues with the antenna.

First Amendment Campaign and Competition

I was surprised to find that Google today was promoting a campaign to raise awareness and support for the First Amendment. Called 1 For All, the campaign is sponsored by groups that include the First Amendment Center, the Knight Foundation, the McCormick Foundation, ASNE, and the Newseum. As a part of the campaign there is a competition for photos, videos and essays about the First Amendment (be sure to read the contest rules before entering).

The Decline of the Full-Time Job and the Rise of the Contractor

This article talks about what many in the photojournalism industry already know. More and more companies are relying on contract labor in lieu of staffers.

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