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DURHAM, NC — The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (Reporters Committee) filed a joint “Letter Brief” seeking the dismissal of charges against Bradley Stuart Allen in The People of the State of California v. Becky Ann Johnson et al, Case No. F22194. The brief asserts that Mr. Allen, who is a photojournalist and NPPA member, should not be criminally prosecuted for trespass, vandalism and conspiracy. He was charged after his photographic coverage of an Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest in Santa Cruz, California last year.

Noting that the First Amendment’s guarantee of press freedom is meaningless if journalists do not possess a concomitant right to gather the news, the brief states that –  while the allegedly violated statutes may serve important government interests, they cannot be exempt from First Amendment protection. Application of these laws in the prosecution of a journalist engaged in the constitutionally protected act of newsgathering demands careful balancing of these competing interests.

“While journalists may sometimes violate the letter of the law in order to obtain information of public concern, we believe it is extremely important for the court to also consider when such action occurs in the spirit and exercise of First Amendment rights,” said Sean D. Elliot, NPPA president. “Review of visual reportage subject to criminal penalties without that balance unfairly burdens newsgathering at its most critical need of protection,” he added.

This is just the most recent case where journalists have been interfered with and arrested while covering OWS protests throughout the country. In almost every case, those charges — ranging from disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration to trespass — have been dismissed or the defendant journalists have been acquitted.”

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  1.   Bradley Says:

    Also published at:

    NPPA & Reporters Committee Seek Dismissal of Charges Against Photojournalist Covering Occupy Protest

    PDF for the NPPA & RCFP joint Letter Brief

  2.   Dan Coyro, Staff Photographer, Santa Cruz Sentinel Says:

    This guy is no photojournalist. I’ve seen him at dozens of demonstrations here in Santa Cruz over the years. He’s an activist carrying a camera. I’ve seen him carrying protest signs. I’ve seen him shouting and screaming at members of whichever business his group is demonstrating against. I’ve seen him shouting at police at such events. And while he’s photographing whatever he chooses at these events, he starts chirping and whining and hiding his face if he thinks he’s being photographed. He’s no journalist.

  3.   Roy M Gunnels Says:

    I returned home to the US last October after living and working two years in Cairo, Egypt, having covered all of the Egyptian Revolution that brought an end to the Mubarak regime. I was detained, arrested, and interrogated multiple times by the Egyptian Army and the police, and followed and harrassed by Central Security operatives. I certainly did not expect to see what I have from the police towards photojournalists and freelance photographers in my own country. Deciding which photographer is worthy of freedoms we are guaranteed is a slippery slope to start down.

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