District of Columbia Will Seek to Clarify Street Photography Rules

November 27th, 2011 by Alicia Calzada

The Attorney General of the District of Columbia has told NPPA that he intends to seek a change in the District’s “Street Photography” regulations to clarify the definition of street photography. NPPA recently wrote the Attorney General inquiring about licensing regulations for street photographers and complaining that the regulations are broadly written in a manner that could allow a wide variety of professional photographers to be caught up in the ordinance.

AG Irvin B. Nathan stated in a letter to the organization that the regulations are intended for photographers who shoot exclusively on the street and solicit passers-by for immediate sale of the photographs.

While Nathan maintained his position that the current regulations do not infringe on First Amendment rights, he agreed that it would be beneficial to define the term “street photography” in the regulations to ensure that it only applies to its intended target.

Nathan indicated plans to seek an insertion of the definition into the regulations and promised to keep NPPA informed of the change. We’ll keep members up to date.

Read the original story on the regulations and the letter here.

Read Irvin Nathan’s letter to NPPA here.

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