Now that the judging is complete for the summer round of the Student Quarterly Clip Contest, we have a points winner for the 2011-2012 year: Susannah Kay, 20, from Ohio University. Tamir Kalifa of the University of Texas placed second and last year’s winner, Jake May of Central Michigan University, came in third. You can see a list of the top 10 points winners below. Congratulations to all, and thanks to everyone who entered their work this year.

This isn’t the first contest Kay has won– as a 10th grader, the Sebastopol, California, native took a picture of her brother at the Golden Gate Bridge which won her a trip to Washington, DC. For this year’s clip contest, Kay said her favorite clip winner was “The Boys and the Kids,” a multimedia piece about a Scottish family of mushers balancing life with 28 Siberian Huskies and two young children. The story won first place in the Multimedia category for the Fall 2011 round. “It’s the first actual story I feel that I told through photographs,” she said.

Judges of the most recent round of the contest wrote that they were “blown away” by Kay’s first place Controlled Portrait and Illustration clip winner, saying the portrait is “reminiscent of a painting, with it’s color palette and framing.”

The top 10 points winners, with links to their websites, are below. You can also see a gallery of the winning clips of the top three on the NPPA website.

Susannah Kay, Ohio University,  276 Points

Tamir Kalifa, University of Texas, 266 Points

Jake May, Central Michigan University, 246 Points

Katie Currid, University of Missouri, 228 Points

Sarah Hoffman, University of Missouri, 148 Points

Meg Vogel, Ohio University, 142 Points

Adam Wolffbrandt, Western Kentucky University, 134 Points

Matthew Busch, University of Missouri, 126 Points

Brynn Anderson, Western Kentucky University, 102 Points

Ian Bates, Ohio University, 94 Points

The next deadline for the Student Quarterly Clip Contest is midnight on November 7, 2012. Until then all student members can submit stills and multimedia online. Contact Brian McDermott, the chair of the Student Clip Contest, if you have any question.

The photo on the front page slideshow was taken by Susannah Kay as part of her multimedia clip-winning piece “The Boys and the Kids.”