Down Time is Prep Time

Ahh … winter break. A couple of weeks with nothing to do. Decompress, catch up with some buddies, tell all those high school kids how much cooler things were when you were there … ahhh, relaxation.

Don’t worry about your future. Don’t worry about your impending graduation. Or those summer internship deadlines. Why bother, they’ll all be waiting for you when you return to campus. This is your time off, you’ve earned it.

Okay, now that all the slackers have clicked away, here’s the plan: Sunday, December 11, 9 p.m. on the east coast, get your browser pointed to the NPPA Visual Student blog ( ). We’ve got a lineup of people who will help you take advantage of this free time. Start building that web site you know you need. Use those empty days to drop by your local papers to say hi. Scout out a mentor who will help you edit your work down into a killer portfolio. Plan out that clip contest-winning project that will consume you through June.

Join Mentoring Chair Ross Taylor, Student Clip Contest Chair Brian McDermott, Student Chair Bettina Hansen, and recent Time Magazine intern and WKU graduate Tanner Curtis for an online chat to get you ready for whatever comes next. Get your concerns queued up – web platforms, cover letters, portfolio content. We’ll start with some basic ideas and then take questions from you.

We use CoverItLive, so just show up and follow the link on the homepage, it’s that easy.