Kathy Thompson, 60, cries as she holds the wall to what was once her living room while walking down to the first floor at her home June 10 on S. New Jersey Avenue in Joplin, Mo. She and her husband survived the tornado in the closet of their bedroom at their home. Photo by Jake May

If you look at Central Michigan University senior Jake May’s blog, you get the feeling he’s a busy guy. Whether it’s tornado damage in Missouri, auto racing in Michigan or a county fair in Indiana, May prolifically photographs the Midwestern communities where he studies, freelances and interns.

Ten winning clips earned Jake 390 points- 1st Place- during the first year of the NPPA’s revamped Student Quarterly Clip Contest. You can see a special gallery of winning clips on the NPPA website from May, Ohio University graduate student Bryan Thomas and recent Western Kentucky graduate Jeff Sainlar, who both tied for second place with 200 points.

“Most of my photographs, and my way about photojournalism, is community photojournalism,” May wrote in an email.

“Jake’s compelling work takes us into the lives of ordinary people in an extraordinary way,” said Kent Miller in an email. He is an assistant professor of photojournalism and new media at Central Michigan and one of May’s teachers.“His passion and enthusiasm are contagious.”

Below are the top ten points winners in the Student Quarterly Clip Contest from August 2010 to August 2011. Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to more strong photojournalism and multimedia in the upcoming contest year!

Jake May, Central Michigan, 390 Points
Bryan Thomas, Ohio University, 200 Points
Jeff Sainlar, Western Kentucky, 200 Points
Jordan Stead, Western Washington, 140 Points
Sarah Priestap, Rochester Institute of Technology, 130 Points
Eamon Queeney, University of Cincinnatti, 130 Points
Ryan Young, Ohio University, 120 Points
Tamir Kalifa, University of Texas, 120 Points
Andrew Hida, Syracuse University, 110 Points
Bob Miller, Syracuse University, 100 Points
Grant Hindsley, University of Missouri, 100 Points