News and Results from Video BOP Judging


There are two final awards the judges of the video editing competition are awarding, that is the Judges Choice Awards.  This year the judges decided to award two stories, each with their own merit. Click on heading to watch the stories.

Judges Choice Award Winner Douglas Burgess, KING-TV – Come to the Quiet Place 

Catherine Steward –  This story serves as a great example of what we love to see in this competition. The audio was edited very uniquely and I loved that you used such pure crisp sound to really represent the character and how pure his passion was. With so many other stories, some of your audio edits and shots of feet in different locations would have been jarring, but there was very clear motivation behind your edits and they really enhanced your story. Ultimately they enhanced how strongly I empathized with the character. The pace varies throughout the piece and I’m glad it slows down to let the man breathe when we find out the reveal. I found myself rooting for him to hear the birds, even after watching it a few times and knowing how it ends. I feel like every edit in this piece was done for a reason, that’s why it stood out so much.
Kylee Wall – This exemplifies editing for me because it developed a very simple story into an endearing and original character piece. The use of the natural sound cuts in between the bites to reinforce the idea of nature as a rhythm and something to be captured was perfect. The match cuts that were reflected later were especially great to show his journey to so many places. These kinds of editorial choices with harsh sound edits and jump cuts are often misused, so I appreciate when they’re used correctly and serve the greater story so well, as though the piece couldn’t exist without them. The restraint with the editing allowed the piece to breathe when it needed to, and the structure built up to earn the emotional beats. Overall, every edit felt like a conscious decision was made, and that connected me to the man and woman more.


Judges Choice Award Winner – Steve Rhodes, WHTR-TV– Word of the Year!

Catherine Steward – This was such a fun story to watch because you already had interesting characters and a well thought out subject to work with, so all of the visual effects really enhanced that. This story is a great example of what we’re looking for in an editing competition. You use a combination of great video and audio effects but they’re not overpowering any emotion in the story and you are maintaining that by capturing and including moments with your characters. That’s ultimately my favorite part about this piece, I get to be entertained with the effects but also keep a connection with the characters. I noticed the fonts chosen for “selfie” were a reflection of the characters that were on screen at the time, so I appreciate the details you included. All of the edits on beats felt right, the audio was really smooth and I felt a rhythm with some of the characters’ nats. I can tell there was a lot of thought behind the editing decisions in this entry.
Kylee Wall – I felt this piece exemplified editing because while it was very heavy on effects, it didn’t use the effects to carry the story. The story structure existed apart from the effects, and they were used with care to help raise the story to the next level and connect us to the subject. This piece was consistently entertaining with great character moments woven together that connected me to the characters. The graphics were also high quality, on top of a technically well-executed piece. I thought this was a great example of how effects and editing can go hand in hand to immerse a viewer in the world of the story.


Judges Choice Awards – Video Editing Competition


The winner was already posted on our website, but not everything was there.

We first started this category back in 2007, Boyd Huppert from KARE in Minneapolis has won it 6 of those 8 years.  (Peter Rosen won in 2008 and Chris Vanderveen won it in 2012).

But this year’s runner up was a harder decision.  After much debate, the runner up chosen was Chris Vanderveen from KUSA in Denver.

NPPA Photojournalism Award for Reporting


Believe this is our last category to announce.

Here are the Documentary winners:

1st“A Year of Recovery After Hurricane Sandy” David Frank/New York Times

2nd“The New Farmers of Long Island” Chris Ware/Newsday

3rd“Destination Japan” Anne Herbst/KDVR


We’ll have videos up soon!

Documentary Winners


RebelmouseI’m happy to announce Josh Maranhas is this year Video Editor of The Year.

Joshua Maranhas 2


Josh Maranhas’ Bio

In sixteen years Columbine to the Aurora Theater, with plenty of good in between, Josh Maranhas tells the stories of Coloradans. Now the Chief Editor at KDVR/KWGN he leads a staff of fifteen highly talented and diverse award winning editors.  An eternal student of the craft, Josh’s greatest mentor Bob Brandon taught him to love people, their stories and telling people stories. Josh started with Bob in 1998 in production and worked his way from tape deck to deck to non-linear tapeless editing. After a strong foundation with Bob at Helical Post, he worked up from part-time editor at KDVR in 2001 to Chief Editor at KDVR/KWGN in 2010. He never forgets the faculty of the NPPA News Video Workshop inspired his success after attending in 2000.
One of his greatest rewards is teaching; the difference between jump cuts and match cuts, why you should stop using dissolves and start cutting sequences. AVID to Apple there’s nothing about editing he doesn’t want to talk about or pass on to others.
Josh is a winner of many NPPA quarterly and annual editing awards. He is twice runner up in Best of Photojournalism Editor of the Year. He’s a former chair of the NPPA Quarterly Editing Contest. He’s nominated for numerous Emmys and Emmy Award winning in both Program and Sports editing.
Josh is a still photographer and a darkroom rat. These days he’s more of a Lightroom rat. His favorite subjects range from family portraits to forty-nine Fords. He says it helps him keep up with the photojournalists who make his edits stand out with their shooting.
In addition to storytelling Josh is passionate about loud music, long drives in his Ford and anything on wheels. He’s born with a need for blue smoke from Flathead Fords through open headers in his lungs, riding Triumph motorcycles and watching nitro burning Funny Cars. Speed is imperative to keep his blood pumping. If it burns fuel inside, makes power when it hits the ground and looks good on the road, it’s metaphoric for the kind of television Josh loves to make; loud, fast and beautiful. Compelling natural sound and music are two tools he couldn’t be without as an editor and a storyteller. Automobiles and music are two things he couldn’t be without as a person. Josh loves his family. His wife Angie and daughter Vivienne are his greatest accomplices. From the Colorado Mile High Nationals to Californian car shows and Kansas’s Lead Sled Spectacular, annual road trips to Pomona and the NHRA Motor Sports Museum, followed with Disneyland and walks on the beach. Route 66 to Historic 101 it’s a good time traveling the Interstates and bi-ways of America making great memories and lasting stories on the way.

Here are the judges comments about Josh

Catherine Steward – I really like how consistent you were for what you chose to enter in your composite.  From your pre show entry to your in depth pieces I always found myself hooked into the stories right away.  The way you opened your stories really grabbed my attention with good use of nats and quick cuts. Your entry consisted of a little bit of everything in terms of your range of editing skills.  You used video effects well in the Texting & Driving piece, showed great audio work in the pre show piece and I’m especially glad I got to see you make some use of moments in “Pump and Dump” with the moms and kids in the beginning and in “Dizzy” which was a solid Deadline story.  There were a few problems in the some of the details of your editing, I want to hear less of your audio edits so the stories flow a little smoother and see a little more motivation behind some of the video effects.  Why do we see the quick cuts and hear music in the beginning of a piece but not later on?  Just some of the things I thought when I watched this composite.  Great job showing me the variety of stories you tell and the different editing styles you use to enhance those stories.
Kylee Wall – I thought this entry was worthy of editor of the year because it showcased a large variety of skills. It had strong editorial choices with tight edits and appropriate pacing that were consistent with each piece. Each story or segment had a strong hook with great use of nat sound. The cat in the tree story showed an ability to make decisive edits and turn a piece around quickly, while the Operation Afghanistan promo was a great example of letting things breathe and happen more naturally. Overall, a great ability to hook, immerse and engage the viewer and make them feel something about the people or situations in the story.


Video Editor of The Year is Josh Maranhas


This year’s Large Market Station of the Year is a familiar name that hasn’t been awarded for their work since 2009.

The Runner Up is KING in Seattle and the winner in KUSA in Denver!

I’m told this is their 12th win.

Congrats to both stations!

Videos will be posted soon!

Large Market Station of the Year


Station of the Year is always a tough category for the judges.  Especially when one of the judges has to set out because his station is a finalist.

The remaining 2 judges thought the winning entry had more solid stories, had lots of variety in their shooting, and took them in to the story.

This year turned out to be a repeat of last year.

The runner up is WHO/Des Moines and the Small Market Station of the Year is KCCI/Des  Moines.

This is KCCI’s 4th win in a row.


We’ll have the winning videos up soon!






Small Market Station of the Year


The judge’s stayed late last night to finish up the In-Depth category.  Once they narrowed it now to their favorites, it was hard to figure out what place to put them in.

In the end, this is what they decided:

1st“New Freedom” Corky Scholl/KUSA

2nd“Pregnant in Prison” Jonathan Malat/KARE

3rd“Come to the Quiet Place” Doug Burgess/KING

HM-“Gulo Gulo North Cascade Wolverines” Pete Cassam/KING

HM-“Phil and Harvey:  The 38-year Engagement” McKenna Ewen/Star Tribune

Congrats to our winners!  Videos will be posted soon!!

In-Depth Winners


The judges are wrapping up an amazing week of watching some great stories.  It’s been another great year and we wanted to thank everyone who entered, everyone who helped judge, and our hosts at Michigan State University.

Only a few more stories to watch and then it’s time to call our winners and catch our flights home.

Keep checking here for the final winners and all the winning videos!

Final Day of Judging


After watching the 27 finalists, the judge’s picked these 5 stories as the winners:

1st“Indy’s Original Twitter” Steve Rhodes/WTHR

2nd “Lorraine” Chris Hansen/KUSA

3rd“Harder to Get Than Seahawks Tickets” Steve Fedoriska/KOMO

HM-“I Wanna Try to Speed This Up” Eric Sander/KING

HM-“Chief of Kenyon” Jonathan Malat/KARE

Congrats to the winners!  Videos will be posted soon

News Feature Winners


I think this was the most requested list of finalists, so you’ve all waited long enough….here are the finalists for the NPPA Photojournalism Award for Reporting:

Ingrid Allstaedt/WLOS

Larry Blunt/WLOS

Joe Fryer/KING NBC

Nelson Garcia/KUSA

Boyd Huppert/KARE

John Le/WLOS

Lindsey Seavert/KARE

Kevin Torres/KUSA

Congrats to the finalists.  Winners will be announced Wednesday.


Chris Vanderveen/KUSA


Reporter Finalists