It’s been over a year since Ron Heflin, formerly the AP photo editor in charge of Texas, entered into retirement without any fanfare. Today he can be found around the Dallas area, camera in hand, freelancing or better yet, at the skeet range with rifle in hand enjoying one of his many hobbies.

A few months ago AP began the search to replace him. Top applicants from around the country applied for the management job held by Ron for over 10 years. The areas of the newly named photo editor, Kim Johnson-Flodin, have now expanded to include Oklahoma and Arkansas.

“It was very competitive,” said Matt Otero, one of two AP staff photographers based in Dallas, who didn’t know exactly how many people applied but noted that there were a lot.

Kim’s arrival on Oct. 4 is highly anticipated. “We are happy,” said Tony Gutierrez, “ the other half of the AP photo team based in Dallas. Both Tony and Matt have worked with Kim on major events such as the Super Bowl and are familiar with her management style; a seasoned editor with good people skills.

For the first six months after Ron’s departure Matt and Tony became all too familiar with the administrative duties that Ron took care of such as applying for credentials, coordinating coverage of major events and rounding up pictures from member papers. They very quickly gathered an appreciation for what goes on behind the desk. With the recent re-organization of AP those duties were picked up by Chicago, now the regional desk for this area, and Matt and Tony returned to their primary objective, making pictures.—posted by Anita Baca

From the AP

Kim Johnson, a photo supervisor with The Associated Press in Los Angeles, has been appointed News Editor/Photos for Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The appointment was announced on Sept 3 by Director of Photography Santiago Lyon. Johnson will be based in Dallas.

“Kim brings a decade of AP experience to this role both as a photographer and supervisory photo editor,” Lyon said. “Her understanding of member needs and her excellent journalistic instincts will serve both the AP and the membership well in this position.”

Johnson began her career in 1990 as a staff photographer at The Wichita Eagle in Kansas where she covered regional sports and news. She joined The Times-Picayune in New Orleans in 1993 as a staff photographer covering the region as well as the first free elections in South Africa. In 1994, Kim joined the staff of The Sacramento Bee where she covered Northern California, professional sports and news features in Asia and Europe.

Johnson is a graduate of Santa Clara University who has completed post-graduate work at San Francisco State.

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