The workshop opened with director Steve Sweitzer and instructor John Goheen critiquing attendees’ video assignments. The video assignments were filmed around the San Marcos area and covered a wide array of topics.

Sweitzer and Goheen gave attendees pointers when it came to transitioning from one story to another. For instance, during a news segment about local businesses, Sweitzer spoke of the importance of seeing each business owner instead of simply using a sound byte.

“I want to see the business owner when they’re talking,” Sweitzer said. “Say it, see it.”

Nate Stewart, of WLTX in Colombia, South Carolina, composed a story about Texas State student Elizabeth “Lizzie” Velasquez. Velasquez has a rare and undiagnosed genetic condition that prevents her from gaining any weight.

Boyd Huppert and Jonathan Malat, both of NBC Minneapolis’ KARE TV, lead the “Refocusing on Focus” session. The focus statement for the session was “Make students better story tellers.”

Huppert and Malat provided an exercise over focus statements by showing different news stories they had produced, and had students try to come up with a focus statement for each story.

by Shawn Dullye, Texas State journalism major

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