From Ashley Landis:

USA Today’s Garrett Hubbard speaks about purpose in his career. “Passion without purpose is just dead. How do you find your purpose? What makes you come alive?” he said. “I discovered my purpose when I was at the end of myself.”

USA Today’s Garrett Hubbard, right shoots video of master of ceremonies Jim Veneman as he introduces a panel of photographers. Keith Landzinski, left, of Colorado Springs, Colo is pictured on far left. They along with Esther Havens of Austin, Dave Black of Colorado Springs and Gary and Vivian Chapman of Atlanta, Ga. answered questions on the state of the journalism industry.

Kevin Vandivier, former photo editor of Texas Highways magazine, asks the panel how they control selfish ambition in their careers.

Linda Smith, left, critiques the portfolio of Kelsi Williamson between conference sessions.

Bill Bangham, left, of Virginia and Alan Hood of Canada pose for a photo with the Chick-Fil-A cow. Chick-Fil-A provided lunch for the conference.

Nan Dickson of Temple shares her photos of Alzheimer’s patients during her two minute show.

Dave Black demonstrates lighting techniques. “If you want a picture to look interesting, only light part of it,” said Black.

Scott Goff of Virginia Beach, Va. has his portfolio reviewed by USA Today’s Garrett Hubbard.

Gary and Vivian Chapman of Atlanta, Georgia speak about changes in the photojournalism industry. “What do we do sometimes where there’s change? We hit the panic button,” said Gary. The couple produced stock photography for 15 years before prices dropped in 2008. They said they haven’t found the answer to their problem yet and weren’t sure what they were going to say when they were invited to speak at the SWPJ Conference. “Saying yes to coming here made us kind of get it together.””

Gary and Vivian show a video during their presentation. “We’ve had challenges in our life,” said Vivian. “This is not the end.”

Ashley Landis works as a staff photographer/reporter at the San Marcos Daily Record, where she has been since February 2006. She also freelances for the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung and other media outlets and owns Landis Images. She grew up in Plano, Texas and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photojournalism from the University of North Texas.

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