The digitization of the image started over 10 years ago and now anyone can go out into the world and be a photographer. Maybe not a good photographer, but a photographer. Much of the visual industry is automated from batch processing to auto brackets to image transfers. Our collective skill has been studied and packaged into products like Sony’s remote Party Shot camera. One step away from redundancy.

So with great glee, I turn to the reporters of the world and say : your turn!

Crafty researchers at Intelligent Systems and Informatics Lab at Tokyo University created a robot that knows when scenarios change, what changes are relevant, explores a scene, interviews people and publishes items online. Imagine a reporter strapped to a Segway. A confused robot? Not with on board access to Google and the web. Singularity Hub says the robot can “gather primary source information from people in the field.” Yikes! Care to see the journalist robot flow chart?

I’ve glossed over the fact that Gonzo can snap photos. Not new technology. Granted, the robot doesn’t say soft, personable and please share your story with me. Subjects may run away in a panic. Scenario change! Item posted to web immediately!

Valued asset to news teams or do we still imagine a future where we interact as humans? The parting shot – your next partner in news.

Roll on.

-Sarah Evans

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