I’m on a mission to make my photo life easier when I’m not in work mode. Enter Sony. And Vanity Fair. In the newest issue, FanFair showcases a few spectacular can’t-live-without discretionary things. One item is Sony’s camera dock called Party-Shot which uses facial recognition to detect people in a room. Finds a face, takes a picture.

The result to all the moving, shaking, weaving and bobbing? “With the Party-shot personal photographer, you no longer have to worry about taking photos when you are with your family or friends,” said Shigehiko Nakayama, digital imaging accessories product manager at Sony Electronics.

So party around a brightly lit conference table with your closest friends. New media is about automated decisive moments. With wowwee‘s Rovio mobile webcam and you can be “just a click away from the people and places that are important to you.”

I’m seeing great potential for feature photo hunting in the best multi-tasking way. Strap hundreds of Party-Shots all over a city. Send out the Rovio to monitor activity levels then you’ll know which camera to download images from first. All before deadline!  :)

-Sarah Evans

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  1. Whoa, first we’re told monkeys can do our jobs. Then soccer moms. Now Sony camera docs. I’m in trouble now.

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