Chasing the weather.

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A quick and torrential rain just fell through my office window drenching the curtains. In a second floor apartment, one doesn’t worry too much about flash floods. Terrible flooding in Manila after tropical storm Ketsana raged for nine hours. Areas under 20 feet of water. Storm namers need to retire the letter ‘K’ for a few years.

Jay Directo/AFP/Getty Images actually found a pink car backdrop as two people wearing pink sorted belongings in a suburb of Manila. The ability to color coordinate your disaster coverage is taking photography to a whole new media level.

What about New England? In May of 2006 the area experienced the worst worst flooding since the New England Hurricane of 1938. Back then Rhode Island did not fare well against 40 foot wall of water.

Now I’m storm chasing from my chair cruising through Flickr. Check out Mark Johnston of the Daily Herald. Little girl taking a break after dancing in the rain a week ago in Utah.

Another fabulous after rain moment by Hau Si Yuan Julian.

And then I found a link to a photographer who runs quickly toward the storm. Jim Reed.

I’ve run with gear. Mostly at parades or marathons. And I just ran into the kitchen for some Skittles. Last weekend I walked in the rain. Jim and I are practically twins. Though my preference would be to wear pants while rushing a tornado. Or tornado pants – a popular base layer in extreme sports. Jim looks too casual and exposed for a date with a swirling storm cloud.

Reed gave an interview with PopPhoto when his “Storm Chaser” book came out in paperback in early 2009 and said “Trees were coming out of the ground” during a dangerous photo moment.

Lightening tips: set focus to infinity, shutter to bulb or 10-30 seconds, aperture between 2.8-5.6 (anything higher than f/8 will get you many bolts of lightening in frame). More tips on the difference between night and day lightening – check out the weather photo tips.

Now go chase after a good weather feature.

-Sarah Evans.

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  1. Oooh, I love both of those. Which would you be more comfortable in? I know that you really like wearing tights and those types of tops, although the maxi would be really summery!

  2. who says chivalry and generosity are gone? joe and kristine, may well your present be returned a hundredfold. the grin on kens’ experience is priceless and eternal.

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