The LA Times always wants you to find your way home. The paper’s site redesign goals were streamlined navigation and, as CyberJournalist points out, a better video experience. While newspapers and magazines strive to break out of the rectangle confines of columns and pictures in print, seems the online world is rushing back into the modular box.

Feeling confident as a self-appointed web design critic and out to prove a point, I surfed other dailies for the LA Times twin. Lately, to me, I see a lot of boxy grids. Kansas City Star, Dallas Morning News, San Jose Mercury News, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Star Tribune. Bingo: San Francisco Chronicle (design twin!).

LA Times

San Francisco Chronicle

Sure, square square square with a rectangle thrown in for good measure. But both allow for a more flexible larger photo in the upper left corner. That is a win for the visuals team.

Not sure what to put in that high eye traffic corner? Listen to a podcast series on Adbase with art buyers.

-Sarah Evans

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