Today’s photo stars are regulars on lecture circuits, at workshops, seminars, in blogs. I don’t know Eugene Richards personally but I’ve been one of a billion in a lecture hall listing to him speak. David Burnett, Annie Leibovitz, Gary Knight, James Natchtwey, Mary Ellen Mark. All familiar voices.

Enter Weegee. I am a life long fan of Mr. Arthur Fellig. His crime scene photos are better than most detective novels. Brash and unapologetic. He was a “just the facts ma’am” photographer. I hadn’t known what Weegee the photographer actually looked like until I read a PDN article about vintage audio of both he and Cartier-Bresson being unearthed.

Nothing is as fantastic as listening to the soft French accent in comparison with the street smart sound of Weegee. Both talk about how they view their work and photography. The audio comes from Laura Levine who get the Happy Nugget. She owns Homer & Langley Mystery Spot Antiques. Word from a blogger friend of hers is that she bought 15,000 LPs – among them the “Famous Photographers Tell.”

For mp3 links go to the Boogie Woogie Flu blog.

Look for a new design and better functionality on the blog! Soon, we’ll be able to listen to audio from the blog. Maybe even video and multimedia. Dream big people.

-Sarah Evans.

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  1. Just thought you might be interested in a new documentary, Weegee the Famous, on SideTV in March and April (, bringing together Amber Films’ interview with Weegee’s widow Wilma Wilcox (done in the early 80s) with recent interview with/footage of the veteran New York printer Sid Kaplan (who printed most of the Weegee prints in Amber’s collection). Some interesting insights into Weegee’s work.

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