Leopold Godowsky, Jr. and Leopold Mannes, two musicians, invented Kodachrome in the early thirties. God and Man. Eastman Kodak is stopping film production after 75 years. The news might be sad, but the media is having great fun with headlines thanks in large part to Paul Simon. He should get royalties for such liberal lyric use. For your entertainment, a few of my corny favorites.

They Gave Us Those Nice Bright Colors
New York Times

Mama, they took our Kodachrome away
Las Vegas Sun

Picture This: Kodak Cans Kodachrome

Sorry, Paul Simon, Kodak is taking your Kodachrome away
Richmond Times Dispatch

Kodak is the mama taking Kodachrome away
another try from Richmond Times Dispatch

Kodachrome, the wicked world, and the sunny day
Tech Gear News

Kodak is taking Kodachrome film away forever
Chicago Tribune

Kodak winds last rolls of Kodachrome

Not a sunny day: Kodachrome fading to oblivion
USA Today

Kodachrome is killed by its digital offspring
U.K. Telegraph

An Ode to Kodachrome
Wall Street Journal

No more bright sunny days

My grandma, Gladys, used Kodachrome film in 1953 to photograph her mom during the safety test aboard a ship bound for Sweden.

For more fabulous Kodachrome color, check out Guy Stricherz’s ‘Americans in Kodachrome 1945-1965’ or listen to him talk about his photo book. Or a National Geo tribute to the film with video. Steve McCurry made that iconic girl portrait with Kodachrome. Actually, according the the Eastman Kodak press release, McCurry will be given one of the last rolls and images will be donated to the Eastman House.

I can only hope McCurry plans to shoot at Utah’s Kodachrome Basin State Park.

-Sarah Evans

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