Hurray Scott Kingsley for stating the fact and making my Monday a little brighter. A girl can get a complex after six months in job search mode doesn’t bring in any offers. File under misery loves company. I like when media colleagues express my reality – no jobs people, no jobs. Validation. Corroboration. Substantiation. Kingsley deserves the Monday happy nugget.

I don’t know Scott, but we are two busy media types who don’t sit still well. I am producing a local cable TV show for a police department (Law and Order rating bonanza days are numbered!). Kingsley, who is a former assistant managing editor at the Providence Journal, teamed up with three other laid-off co-workers to create the Stimulus Times. A blend of humor and news with a Rhode Island flavor. And quite possibly the best tag line ever: ‘we’ve got your bailout right here.’

Lauren Fedor, a writer at the college news site ‘Brown Daily Herald,’ wrote a story about the Former ProJo Four’s foray into media ownership.

To counter the sad words – laid-off, misery, no jobs and newspaper industry – stare at cuter than cute bunnies for a minute. All the furry sugar is courtesy of singer Katy Perry who in a recent Vanity Fair feature said was a favorite discovery. Photo links to background image. Oooo.

Furry bunnies not your thing? Try the Shrinky Dink version – go to Stimulus Times to view the “Wee Crafters at Kreatelier” video. Say hello to the shiny bunny at minute 1:37.

-Sarah Evans

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