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St. Pete Times photojournalist Melissa Lyttle, who I appointed to serve on the NPPA board of directors in February, is the founder of an online community called “A Photo A Day” (APAD) and creator of the annual “Geekfest”, which is a gathering of self-professed photojournalism “geeks”. It’s in Denver this year.
Sadly I won’t be able to attend. I’ve always wanted to. I am, without a doubt, a photojournalism geek and I’m proud to wear that label.
What is it that makes me a geek? What is it that defines such a geek? If you read the APAD web site it tells you that the members there …
And if you spend some time subscribed to that listserv you’ll encounter a community of people, with varying skill levels, experience and talent, who all really just want to show samples of their work in an informal setting and, hopefully, get some constructive criticism.
By and large all there embrace the idea of being a “geek” … of being someone so deeply invested in something that they can sometimes seem obsessive. When it comes to visual storytelling (or whatever you care to call it) that describes, nay, defines, me to a t.
I would concede sometimes that maybe I need to seek counseling to help me with this. And yet other than it clearly being a career path that does not allow me to provide for my family as well as I might like, it does not veer off into self-destructive or over-indulgent tangents. I don’t go to war, I haven’t left my wife and children, I eat and sleep and I even occasionally do something without my camera (though rarely I will admit). But still, clearly based on my constant attention to the APAD list, to my various other photojournalism communities, my efforts on behalf of the NPPA, I am without a doubt a photo geek of the highest order, and in the end, damn proud of it.

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  1. Met Dale after i was his neighbor in 1968 , I used to be nine in the time and he was bigger than existence.He would enable me hang out in his garage at his home when he was doing work on his corvettes (one race one custom streetcar) he also raced ossa and pentons in regional enduros.I’ve considering that owned several of individuals early bikes inc ducati and bmw…massive influence,super guy!!!

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