Back in the days of yore, we all carried metal cable releases with us. If you were locked down on a tripod and needed to either trip the shutter without touching the camera or hold the shutter open for a long time, this was your tool of choice. One end had a plunger or bulb on it, the other screwed into some threads in the middle of your shutter button.

Life was simple … and then electronics took over cameras and, with it, came electronic shutter releases. While the shiny, braided metal ones cost about $10, the new wired ones ran to almost $100 at times.


The folks from Enlight Photo (who also brought us the Frio) have decided to Go Big when it comes to small shutter release cables, tying your camera in to your smartphone for a ton of control.

Check out the video for details.

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The ioShutter is about $70 from your favorite online retailers and both the free and Pro apps are available in the App Store now. Android versions coming soon, they say.

And if you need a chuckle, read the reviews on the free version where people complain it doesn’t work unless you buy the cable …

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  1.   Charles

    Is there any reason why you wouldn’t buy a Triggertrap instead? More features, and way cheaper than the ioShutter…

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