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    Links to Stories About Advocacy Issues

    11/1/2011 – NPPA Asks D.C. to repeal Its “5 Minute Photography Limit” Law

    10/31/2011 – NPPA Asking DC to Change Policy That Can Be Used to Target Photographers

    10/30/2011 - 7th Circuit Hears Arguments in Wiretap Case MLRC 10-11 – ACLU v Alvarez

     10/28/2011 – ACLU Sues LA County Sheriff RCFP and Associated Press

    10/27/2011 – ACLU Sues LA County Sheriff KPFK-FM audio archive of KPFK Evening News for Friday, 8/27/2011 at 6:00PM at 20:23 into broadcast 

    10/26/2011 – ACLU Sues LA County Sheriff LA Times

    9/19/2011 – NPPA Attorney Keeping Them Honest

    8/22/2011 – The Ongoing Assault on the Right to Photograph/Record in Public MLRC Media Law Letter at page 14

     8/1/2011 – Long Road to the New Federal Experiment with Cameras in the Courtroom Reynolds Courts & Media Law Journal Vol1 Issue3 

    7/20/2011 – NPPA Protests NYPD Treatment of Press in Two Incidents Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press

    7/11/2011 – Citizens Arrested for Filming Police in Public Greeley Gazette Greeley Colorado

    7/9/2011 – Border searches of electronic devices challenged CBS News – ACLU Border Laptop Case

    7/1/2011 – Military Police Threaten To Confiscate Cameras From Wedding Photographer PINAC – Military Police Threaten Wedding Photographer 

    7/1/2011 – TSA Assures No Change In Photo Checkpoint Policy PINAC – TSA Assures No Change in Photo Checkpoint Policy 

    6/27/2011 – Reporters Committee lauds U.S. Supreme Court ruling on violent video games RCFP – SCOTUS Ruling on Video Games 

    6/26/2011 – Media Arrests, Media Seminars The Georgetown Dish – Media Arrests at D.C. Meeting 

    6/26/2011 – NFTA Creating Photo Policy After Viral Video Exposed Threatening Cop PINAC – NFTA to Develop New Photography Policies 

    6/24/2011 – Rochester Woman Arrested for Videotaping Traffic Stop WGRZ-TV – Follow on Rochester Arrest 

    6/23/2011 – NFTA to develop policy on public photography Buffalo News – NFTA to Develop New Photo Policies

    6/23/2011 – Why were two reporters arrested for covering D.C. cab commission meeting? Washington Post – Don’t Shoot but it’s a Public Space 

    6/23/2011 – Video Shows Journalist’s Arrest At D.C. Public Meeting PINAC – Journalists Arrest at DC Public Meeting

    6/22/2011 – NPPA Wants Charges Against Woman Dropped Rochester Democrat & Chronicle – Charges Dropped in Arrest of Woman

    6/21/2011 – Arrest of woman taping police sparks controversy Rochester Democrat & Chronicle – Arrest of Woman Taping Police

    6/21/2011 – Don’t shoot photos or video? But it’s a public space Baltimore Sun – Travel Tips Column

    6/21/2011 – Rochester Police Arrest Woman For Videotaping Them From Her Front Yard PINAC – Rochester Ppolice Arrest Woman for Videotaping

    6/19/2011 – Protect practitioners of “citizen journalism” Miami Herald – Protecting Citizen Journalists

    6/16/2011 – Removing photo credit creates DMCA liability RCFP – DMCA Liability

    6/14/2011 – Lawsuit Filed, Protest Planned Against Ft. Lauderdale Over Photography Ban PINAC – Lawsuit Filed in Ft. Lauderdale over Photography Ban

    6/9/2011 – TSA Considering Banning Photography Of Checkpoints PINAC – TSA Considering Banning Photography of Checkpoints

    6/8/2011 – Miami police say claim cops smashed man’s cellphone at deadly shooting untrue NY Daily News Article on Miami Beach Incident

    6/7/2011 – Miami Beach Police Deny Destroying Cellphone of Witness Who Captured Video Miami Herald – Camera Seizures after Deadly Shooting 

    6/1/2011 – Copyrights & Privacy Rights SHUP-110700-204BUSINESS Article

    6/1/2011 – MTA administrator disavows curbs on photography Baltimore Sun – MTA Relents on Photography

    5/31/2011 – MTA warned: Let photographers shoot Baltimore Sun – MTA Photography Ban 

    5/18/2011 – Sheriff’s Office Removes Reference to Photography as Suspicious Activity PINAC – Spokane WA – See Something, Say Something Program