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There are two final awards the judges of the video editing competition are awarding, that is the Judges Choice Awards.  This year the judges decided to award two stories, each with their own merit. Click on heading to watch the stories.

Judges Choice Award Winner Douglas Burgess, KING-TV – Come to the Quiet Place 

Catherine Steward –  This story serves as a great example of what we love to see in this competition. The audio was edited very uniquely and I loved that you used such pure crisp sound to really represent the character and how pure his passion was. With so many other stories, some of your audio edits and shots of feet in different locations would have been jarring, but there was very clear motivation behind your edits and they really enhanced your story. Ultimately they enhanced how strongly I empathized with the character. The pace varies throughout the piece and I’m glad it slows down to let the man breathe when we find out the reveal. I found myself rooting for him to hear the birds, even after watching it a few times and knowing how it ends. I feel like every edit in this piece was done for a reason, that’s why it stood out so much.
Kylee Wall – This exemplifies editing for me because it developed a very simple story into an endearing and original character piece. The use of the natural sound cuts in between the bites to reinforce the idea of nature as a rhythm and something to be captured was perfect. The match cuts that were reflected later were especially great to show his journey to so many places. These kinds of editorial choices with harsh sound edits and jump cuts are often misused, so I appreciate when they’re used correctly and serve the greater story so well, as though the piece couldn’t exist without them. The restraint with the editing allowed the piece to breathe when it needed to, and the structure built up to earn the emotional beats. Overall, every edit felt like a conscious decision was made, and that connected me to the man and woman more.


Judges Choice Award Winner – Steve Rhodes, WHTR-TV– Word of the Year!

Catherine Steward – This was such a fun story to watch because you already had interesting characters and a well thought out subject to work with, so all of the visual effects really enhanced that. This story is a great example of what we’re looking for in an editing competition. You use a combination of great video and audio effects but they’re not overpowering any emotion in the story and you are maintaining that by capturing and including moments with your characters. That’s ultimately my favorite part about this piece, I get to be entertained with the effects but also keep a connection with the characters. I noticed the fonts chosen for “selfie” were a reflection of the characters that were on screen at the time, so I appreciate the details you included. All of the edits on beats felt right, the audio was really smooth and I felt a rhythm with some of the characters’ nats. I can tell there was a lot of thought behind the editing decisions in this entry.
Kylee Wall – I felt this piece exemplified editing because while it was very heavy on effects, it didn’t use the effects to carry the story. The story structure existed apart from the effects, and they were used with care to help raise the story to the next level and connect us to the subject. This piece was consistently entertaining with great character moments woven together that connected me to the characters. The graphics were also high quality, on top of a technically well-executed piece. I thought this was a great example of how effects and editing can go hand in hand to immerse a viewer in the world of the story.


Judges Choice Awards – Video Editing Competition


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