News and Results from Video BOP Judging

The winner was already posted on our website, but not everything was there.

We first started this category back in 2007, Boyd Huppert from KARE in Minneapolis has won it 6 of those 8 years.  (Peter Rosen won in 2008 and Chris Vanderveen won it in 2012).

But this year’s runner up was a harder decision. ¬†After much debate, the runner up chosen was Chris Vanderveen from KUSA in Denver.

NPPA Photojournalism Award for Reporting


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  1. From the visual appeal with the Chrysler LeBaren two door in the still left forefront , along with the Volkswagon Rabbit across the street from it, I might peg this as circa 1978-1979. Cherished my ’77 Rabbit….my to start with brand-new car. You under no circumstances neglect your first.

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